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Fuerza Bruta is an uninhibited and unforgettable show that you have to see to believe. The theatrical thrill ride combines live music and aerial displays in a performance that’s as exhilarating as it is addictive.

what i did

AKA NYC had long handled Fuerza Bruta’s NYC advertising and social media promotions. But we knew we could increase our results in those areas by driving to a website with a seamless navigation. I created a new navigation and landing page structure for Fuerza Bruta and pitched it to the company’s leaders. AKA NYC won the business, and we started work on a full relaunch of Fuerza Bruta’s site.

With the new navigation and landing page in hand, I continued to create additional wireframes for the website. I used analytics from Fuerza Bruta’s existing website and similar sites built by AKA NYC to determine the key content for the homepages of the Brazil, New York City, and special event experiences. I also created modules that could be used across various pages of the site. Once the wireframes were completed, I worked in a team of designers to select fonts, colors, and images that brought Fuerza Bruta’s brand to the layout. I then served as the lead developer on the project, handling the majority of development, managing QA, and launching the fully-functioning website.

Fuerza Bruta Global Home Wireframe
Fuerza Bruta NYC Wireframe
Fuerza Bruta Special Venue Wireframe
Fuerza Bruta Global Home
Fuerza Bruta About

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